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Facebook for Business Owners: Understanding the Basics

BY matchback

Facebook can be an excellent way to take your business to the next level. However, some business owners have a tough time understanding and taking advantage of the platform for their business.

While some business owners struggle with social media and choose to outsource it, some are determined to learn as much as possible and do it themselves. Who are we to stop them?

We’d love to help. So, while social media can be intimidating, here are some of the best basics for Facebook business page management.

1. Profile and Cover Picture

First things first: your profile and cover images. These images are the first things a customer sees, so a quality profile picture and cover photo are essential for brand recognition and aesthetic appeal.

Your profile picture should depict something that represents your brand, making it easily identifiable to returning customers and memorable to new clientele.

Don’t know what to post? Here are some profile and cover picture ideas:

As you consider your image options, be sure to pay attention to sizing. For clarity purposes, a Facebook profile picture needs to be 180 pixels by 180 pixels, while a cover photo must have a width of 851 pixels and a height of 315 pixels.

If your images need to be resized, this can be done easily on dozens of websites or software such as Photoshop.

2. “About” Section

After you’ve established your business’ visual appeal, it’s important to impress your customers with an abundance of company-related information in the “About” section.

Fill in every field with the corresponding details and be as specific as possible.

The short description you enter will also be featured on your homepage. It can only be 155 characters or less, so keep your words concise and engaging. If you’d like to add more details, you can do so in your description and other fields in the “About” section.

3. Action

Selling handmade renditions of celebrities as pigs? Offering private didgeridoo lessons? Whatever your product or service, it can be promoted through your Facebook page.

Facebook has made digital marketing simple to view or purchase your commodity with the “Call-to-Action” button. This button appears near the top of your home page and beckons customers to your website, app or contact information.

After you’ve created the button, you can determine how effective it is by selecting “View Insights,” which will tell you how many people are clicking it.

If you’d like to see what other “Action” options you have, click the ellipses found in the bar right below your cover photo.

“Action” buttons on Facebook pages prove to be valuable tools for those utilizing the platform.

4. Insights

The “Insights” tab provides fantastic visual information in the form of social media analytics.

These analytics will give you a rundown of the content that has the highest engagement rate, as well as what your customers would like to see and discovering when your clients are online most. This can be a highly effective and simple marketing method.

If you are confused about any of the terms and charts listed on “Insights,” you can hover over the question marks near each insight and receive an explanation, making this feature user-friendly for even the least tech-savvy among us.

5. Content

By this point, you will hopefully know what type of content your customers want to see and when they will most likely interact with it. That means it’s time to post.

Here’s the thing: posting quality content plays a huge role in what separates effective Facebook pages from ineffective ones.

If you’re struggling to think of fresh content to post, consider the following:

Take It for a Spin

Facebook can be a content marketer’s dream if utilized to its full capacity. By simply making use of tools and implementing new ones, your company Facebook page will thrive aesthetically and functionally. Put these digital marketing tips to the test and let us know how they work for you!


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