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SEOnara: Looking at the New Face of SEO

BY matchback

Ah yes, Search Engine Optimization. SEO. The bread and butter of digital marketing, which industry professionals rant and rave over to celebrate the methods behind Google’s rankings.

It’s spread like wildfire over the course of digital marketing’s short lifetime, yet some SEO specialists are saying goodbye.

What we know about SEO may be on its way out, but it’s making way for something better.

SEO is Getting a Face Lift

Truly being involved in SEO, social and content marketing also means understanding the industry’s struggle with it. It seems that every day, there’s another specialist promising over podcast that Google killed it forever. In reality, though, a new algorithm was slipped in, and lo and behold, it pops back up in one way or another.

With Search Engine Optimization in the hands of the algorithm engineers, rankings could change at any time, meaning SEO could also change at any time.

So, no, SEO isn’t dead. The practice itself isn’t dead–but the word itself might be.

The SEO conjurors have worked their magic, and the term now goes by “Optimizing Content for Discovery and Conversion,” or OC/DC. And by this, they’ll assure you that the term, is, in fact, very dead.

But we’ll bet $10 that no one is going to use the new term.

Like All Lasting Things, It’s Changing

It’s the here and the now, and social media specialists are already predicting that this year will be all about content (what year isn’t, though?). This content, however, has got to be better than anything we’ve ever seen before, because our audiences are changing and becoming increasingly pickier.

Even expiring content on dark social platforms, which have and will continue to revolve around interactive software, must still meet a handful of requirements to rank. These requirements will likely stem from the old ones, like including keywords, implementing hashtags, providing shareable options and reaching an intended audience.

Requirements Will Be Harder to Meet

As long as people depend on the internet, finding relevant and quality content will always be a priority. Why? Because people drive content, the demand for quality over quantity is rising. On top of all of this, quality will always adhere to a system.

Content Types

All it took was a new year (not even a new algorithm) to drive industry professionals to focus on creating some of the best and most relevant content the world has ever seen. It seems every year will be the year of content, and because of the demand, content sweatshops will constantly have to rethink their strategies.

Additionally, the world is seeing a heavier dependence on platforms that provide expiring content on the dark social scene. This makes some trends and topics difficult to track, but some companies are already figuring out ways to work around it. Still, these companies rely on optimized content and enlightening their audience, so you can be sure that more companies will come to depend on these strategies in the coming year.

Needless to say, much of the content will appear through image, video, virtual reality-based platforms and artificial intelligence.

So, digital marketing and media agencies may be saying goodbye to SEO, but they’re welcoming in OC/DC, which will inspire content-rich posts that revolve around you, and will be better than ever before.

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