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Who Needs Social Media, Anyway?

BY matchback

You don’t get it. It’s way too complicated. And It isn’t going anywhere.

For many business owners, embracing social media is like coming to terms with psoriasis or menopause *cue collective groan*.

There’s not much you can do to change it, but you can learn to live with it. But unlike menopause, there are benefits (believe it or not) that, given time, you may even learn to love.

Social Opens Discussions

Social media creates a conversation between you, your customers and your product or service. How? By playing in their home field, customers are much more comfortable and receptive with the content they receive, therefore they’re more likely to respond, research and make purchases regarding your product.

Surprisingly, more and more people are starting to use social media to reach out, share, start conversations and view products rather than searching for a website. Don’t get us wrong: websites are often seen as a valid source of credibility and haven’t lost their importance, but the accessibility and relatability of social are making waves.

Social Promotes Likability

Reputation management takes you far on social media, and one of the best ways to ensure a high reputation is to promote relatable and likable content.

You’ve already signed up for a few social media business pages–great. You’re in the game. Now what? How do you get not only seen but recognized for being a relatable, credible and customer-serving business?

One way is to actively post funny, relatable and informative content. People love to laugh, and social media provides so much gut-busting content, which can leave them regarding your business with a certain charm.

But they don’t only want to laugh. They want to be seen, heard and educated. By balancing out your humorously relatable content with pictures, videos and articles concerning your product, your audience can stay in the loop with deal, products and events that support your business.

Social Serves Customers

Social media is an efficient way to respond to consumer inquiries. Responses are almost instantaneous as opposed to listening to a half hour of smooth jazz on hold.

While this is a great thing, it requires technique to providing successful customer service. Communicating authentically lets your audience know you care and will work diligently to remedy their problem, and does so in a way they identify with.

Social Pushes Visibility

While it’s not so rad for those with awkward middle school pictures, internet preservation is an awesome thing for your company’s marketing.

Customers are able to search your social media to learn more about your brand, products, frequently asked questions and more. Plus, your brand is exposed to millions of people who otherwise may have never discovered it.

Social Embraces Competition

When digital marketing first took flight, no one expected the camaraderie that would happen between brands, even competing brands. It’s funny because, over time, many brands began to see social platforms as neutral grounds, where they could share and connect with their customers as well as other brands. Now, some large corporations retain a measure of exclusivity, but others, like big-name fast food restaurants, will publically joke or even connect through Twitter chats and Instagram.

For your own business, you can use this to your advantage by keeping an eye on your brand’s competitors, then figuring out how you can make your business stand above the rest.   

Talk to Your Strategist About Social

Social media is not for everyone. Side effects may include feelings frustration, discovery, joy, relatability, and the undeniable sensation to share your opinion with everyone.

If it’s something you want for your business and can benefit from, great. If you’re not so sure, you can rely on MatchBack to strategize the right marketing plan for you.

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