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Before you invest thousands of dollars into your marketing, it’s best to ask questions. Lucky for you, we’ve already answered a few. Below, feel free to check out some of our frequently asked questions before making a match.

What is MatchBack?

MatchBack is an agency designed to create the perfect marketing match. We aim to make matches for businesses looking for marketing services and agencies who provide those services. You can think of us as a dating app for businesses and marketing providers (agencies or freelancers).

Along with finding marketing matches, MatchBack also provides auditing, reporting, collaboration and guidance as our core services.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply visit, fill out the text bar under “Search for an Agency” and fill out the form. Once you’ve filled out the form, submit your information, and voila! You’re in.

We’ll start sifting through the agencies and marketing professionals we’ve connected with to find the perfect match. Keep in mind that all matches will work with your budget and required services.

What Happens After I Fill Out the Form?

After you fill out the form, your information and request, it will be processed to find the match that best fits your needs. Once we’ve found a match, we’ll be in contact through phone or email to review your matches and any further steps.

What If I Need to Contact You Directly?

If you’ve experienced a problem, would like to change your match or your services, or would like to reach out for any other reason, please visit our contact page for our phone number, email or chat to receive assistance.

What Happens If I Don’t Like My Match?

During and after the match process, you will work directly with a MatchBack account manager to cover any issues or concerns you may have. At any time during or after the process, please let your account manager know if you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your match, and we will rematch you until you’re satisfied with the result.

How Do You Find Agencies for My Business?

Initially, we contact agencies and marketing professionals through referrals, organic outreach and networking. We request all interested parties fill out a similar form informing us of the services they offer, their average campaign results and the budgets they usually work with.

Once we have their record in our system, we can vet the agencies based on the qualifications business owners provide us to find agencies and professionals that meet any desired expectations.

After that, we make a match!

What Services Are Available in MatchBack?

Well, what services are you looking for? Even if you’re not sure what your agency needs, MatchBack can help you find services that can benefit your business without breaking your budget.

No matter what the marketing or advertising service is that you need, MatchBack has it.

How Much Does it Cost to Sign Up?

Filling out the form and finding a match is 100% free. However, once a match is made, the agency or professional we match you with will still need to be paid, but whatever is paid is based on your marketing budget, which was predetermined back when your business signed up.

Please inform your account manager if your marketing budget experiences any changes.

What Is MatchBack?

MatchBack is an agency designed to create the perfect marketing match for businesses looking for marketing services and agencies who provide those marketing services. You can think of us as a dating app for businesses and marketing providers (agencies or freelancers). Businesses come to us looking for a marketing service, and with your unique services in our database, we can match their business with your services.

How Do I Get Started Finding Clients?

First, you’ll need to submit your information to be a partner in our network.

Simply visit, and in the top right menu, select “MatchBack Partners.” This will take you to the bottom of the page, where you can begin the form found by clicking the little teal box reading “Begin” under “Become a MatchBack Partner.” Once you’ve filled out the form, submit your information, and voila! You’re in.

What Happens After I Fill out the Form?

After you fill out the form, the information regarding the marketing services you provide will be logged into our system. When a business comes to us and tells us what they’re looking for (and your services happen to match their marketing needs), we’ll reach out to you for your reseller or white label pricing, case studies, analytics and a few other qualifications.

How Do I Get Clients?

Receiving clients will be totally up to you. We would love to match you with a business needing your services, but we need to first make sure that the services you’ll provide will meet their expectations. To effectively onboard clients, marketing service providers (that’s you!) will need to provide the following when requested from MatchBack:

  • Client case studies (inform us if they’re on your website)
  • Your strongest verticals (what industries your agency specializes in/the industries of your clients)
  • A comprehensive list of the services you provide
  • A rundown of your agency’s results and progress (where you’ve found success and the results of that success)
  • Your reporting process (do you provide your clients with reports? How? And how often?)
  • Proof of white label or reseller pricing (if applicable)
  • Your current pricing for your service packages
  • Any other documents you find relevant to qualify you for our network
What Services Is MatchBack Looking For?

Well, what marketing services do you offer? We want to supply any business with any marketing service possible. Right now, we offer the everything from social media to SEO to public relations and media broadcasting, but if you don’t see your service on the sign up list, then definitely let us know! We want to work with you, for you.

What Happens After I Submit Requested Information?

Once you’ve submitted the information regarding your request, we’ll analyze the results. When the results have been assessed — and if your services qualify — you’ll have a new client! We’ll reach out to you to let you know that the match has been made and what to do next.

How Much Does It Cost to Sign Up?

Becoming a MatchBack Partner is free! Simply fill out our form to let us know you’re interested in becoming a partner. So, put your credit card away, kids, because becoming a MatchBack Partner is 100% free.

How Will I Get Paid?

You know your agency best, so all pricing will be determined by you! It’s best if you have all service costs and fees outlined before onboarding a match. Determining the services offered, your fees and your payment method will be totally up to you. Further details will be covered during business and agency introductions.

How Does MatchBack Make Money?

MatchBack operates off of reseller pricing. Any other questions?

Perks? Perks.

We have a TON of perks in store for our partners, but alas: many of them are still in the making. The #1 perk our partners have right now, however, is unlimited access to businesses looking specifically for their services. That means you can save money on advertising, outreach, SEO and reputation management.

Being a MatchBack Partner + Making Money + Saving Money = Total Awesomeness

Stay tuned for even more perks!

Interested in finding a match? Then take our matchmaker for a spin!