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Your time is too valuable for you to spend it vetting out agencies asking and answering the same questions over and over. We do that for you, and then we guarantee the match by signing all of your marketing agreements.

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I want to be a part of the process

Being a part of the process is necessary for a lot of clients and we are fully transparent within our selection process. Feel free to be as involved as you want.


The majority of our clients select the quickpick method. This is where you are matched with an agency that already has a pre-existing relationship with MatchBack. These are our partners that have shown success within any vertical or industry. Simply select quickpick and we’ll get your project up and running immediately.

The Interview

Every interview begins with a questionnaire. This is where we find out who you are, where you want to go and what problems, as well as successes, you’ve had in the past. Once that is finished we hold a recorded interview so agencies can hear from your words what you are looking for. This recording is distributed to specific agencies so they may send in proposals for your business. This allows you to answer questions about your project only 1 time rather than answering the same questions with each agency you speak with.

The Shortlist

After we receive all of the proposals we then review the information and data to identify your shortlist. This shortlist are the finalist and top contenders for your business. We will drill down to isolate your shortlist to your specifications. Whether you want 2,3,5 or 10, we will show you qualified and competent agencies that we know will get the job done the right way. We believe that so much that we will sign any agreements with them on your behalf freeing you from any contractual obligation.

The Decision

Once we have presented you with the shortlist it is now time to make your decision. Hold separate interviews, ask us for advice or simple pick one out of a hat, it’s your choice. We won’t place any agency in front of you that we wouldn’t personally do business with so there’s really no wrong decision here. This usually comes down to person-to-person compatibility.


Now that you’ve made your decision and MatchBack has taken care of all contractual obligations, it’s time to get moving. This is where we begin collecting digital assets, collect access credentials and bring your team together to collaborate. This is where the fun begins.

Project Management

To ensure quality control we give you and your partners access to our software at no charge. This allows unlimited talk via voice, screen share, video calling or chatting with your partners. Don’t worry, everything is recorded adn transcribed so no need to be concerned with items lost in conversation.

MatchBack Features

Our Core Fundamentals

Project Management and Team Collaboration

Everything you need in one solution, introducing PodBuilder, our way of making sure everyone is on the same page.

A central software that allows you to communicate & collaborate with multiple partners and project members ensuring consistency across the board.

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Our Partners Clients

MatchBack offers a stress-free experience aimed to pair companies with trustworthy professionals. Use our system to reward those who can get the job done right.


We've heard customers say

I was impressed that they were always willing to do whatever asked of them and be adaptable.

Search Engine Optimization JUN 13, 2019

Their willingness to evolve and adapt make them a valuable partner who stands out in their industry.

Search Engine Optimization MAR 07, 2019

Their creative was smart, funny, and on point.

Advertising JUL 07, 2019

Their creative ideas were exceptional. Their willingness to do what it took to get the job done was excellent.

Advertising APR 10, 2019

They have a sense of high moral character and always follow through on promises.

Pay Per Click SEP 13, 2019

It’s hard to give criticism when there’s nothing to criticize. They’re just good at what they do.

Pay Per Click SEP 11, 2019

They always deliver on what they promise and are great at communicating progress.

Web Development AUG 19, 2019

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Think of us like match.com but for clients looking for marketing and development services.

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