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Our Pod Membership

There are two ways that agencies work with MB. 1) Agencies join a client pod and fulfill for clients they are matched with. 2) Agencies use MB to match their existing clients with services they don’t offer and/or use MB for unqualified leads that come their way. An unqualified lead could be a lead for a service the partner doesn’t specialize in or, more likely, the lead doesn’t meet minimums the agency has set. In either direction, Agency partners receive monthly residuals for all matched clients that are generated by them.

We believe in and advocate for agencies that focus on a single discipline or core-competency service. In fact, the number 1 qualifying metric to be a partner is that your agency is not a “Full-Service Digital Agency.” Full- Service Digital Marketing companies are not allowed to be members in a Pod. Our pods are designed to group together different agencies that focus on different components of a client’s marketing strategy. Everyone stays in their own lane, no one is a competitor, and the client gets 100% dedicated resources from individual partners.


MatchBack operates on a traditional 15% discount also known as reseller pricing platform from the agency. MatchBack guarantees their matches and signs all agreements on behalf of the client. Although MatchBack will always be listed as the Client on Record, we never intend to middleman communication or project management between the partner and the client.

One of the most common instances in our model is that agencies have clients that require services that the partner does not fulfill. We see this happens under 2 different conditions. Either the agency doesn’t perform that particular service, or, they receive leads that are do not meet their minimums. Simply pass those leads through MatchBack and receive residuals for the life of the client on any and all revenue generated from that client.

Any questions?

First, you’ll need to submit your information to be a partner in our network.Simply visit, and in the top right button that says “Get started”. This will take you to an online form. After you’re finished filling it out, you’re officially ready to go through the vetting process. We will be launching our software very soon. As soon as we let you know that it’s launched and if you’ve been approved as a vetted agency, you can begin the matching process and or receive leads.

There are several components to getting matched with a client but nothing speaks louder than the work you’ve done for your clients. The more you give us, the easier it is for us to match you. This includes:

  • Client case studies (inform us if they’re on your website)
  • Your strongest verticals (what industries your agency specializes in/the industries of your clients)
  • A comprehensive list of the services you provide within your core-competency
  • A rundown of your agency’s results and progress (where you’ve found success and the results of that success)
  • Your reporting process (do you provide your clients with reports? How? And how often?)
  • Proof of white label or reseller pricing (if applicable)
  • Your current pricing for your service packages
  • Any other documents you find relevant to qualify you for our network
We want to supply any business with any marketing service possible. Right now, we offer the everything from social media to SEO to public relations and media broadcasting, but if you don’t see your service on the sign up form list, then definitely let us know! We want to work with you.
Definitely Yes, you can contact us to let us know your needs. If your suggestion represents any value to both we can include it as a part of the theme or you can request a custom build by an extra cost. Please note it could take some time in order for the feature to be implemented.
There are no upfront costs or membership fees to become one of our partners.
You know your agency best, so all pricing will be determined by you! It’s best if you have all service costs and fees outlined before onboarding a match. Determining the services offered, your fees and your payment method will be totally up to you. Further details will be covered during business and agency introductions.
MatchBack operates off of reseller pricing.

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