About Us

At MatchBack, we aim to solve a problem and issue that plagues the marketing and advertising industry.

Do you get all of your marketing done by a full-service agency or do you work with companies that specialize in 1 service? With technological advancements and a strong focus on client experience, we have seen market trends indicate that clients want a single unified team to handle all their marketing needs, this would be full-service. Reducing partners may provide a wanted experience, but no one Partner can address all of their needs. These are complexities that marketing and advertising agencies have pressed onto the client. So, we asked the question. How can you get the look and feel of one agency while working with agencies that specialize in 1 particular service?

At the center of our organization and the core of our solution we have a platform called PodBuilder. PodBuilder is a centralized collaborative software that facilitates all project management, all communication and all reporting. The clients can interchangeably work with 1000's of partners without ever losing their data (projects, communications, reporting). Furthermore, Partner onboarding is significantly streamlined. Once the Partner is onboarded they have immediate access to all pre-existing data. The client-side process of "catching" the partner up no longer exists. The Partner is able to keyword search conversations (text/voice), identify strategy and its data points as well as files and related documentation. The data is 100% owned by the client and the client can control all information and to whom has access. With this interface clients will never be impeded by agency complexities and the client will vastly control their own experience.

At MatchBack, we are an authority figure between the client and partner and we stand behind our word by signing all marketing contracts on behalf of the client.

“By matching businesses with the right marketing services, we can help your business succeed no matter where life takes you.”

– Jacob Lutz (CEO)

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